Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Success! Gangaram Kushwaha, Chairman of SCPCL, PRADAN Sironj's seed enterprise with farmers on the Offtrack column of India Today, April 3, 2006. Congratulations to PRADAN and the farmers it is working with in Sironj!  Posted by Picasa


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girija yadav said...

Hi prashant I Seriously think that it is a marvaleous job u have been doing. this kind of work really touches ones soul and helps others to come up in life. iam really interested in such kindo of work but iam not finding the right path if you read this comment plz try to advise me as to how to start up work in the feild of providing employment to the needy. One request wat i would ask is wanted to know which is the organisation were i can help people as iam woring now. it is really great to hear that we have people in country whose job is to make fellow citizens happy
thanks and jai hind

email id is girijayadav@gmail.com

and this is girija